As a member of Smash Prep you can set your member’s homepage to display the social feeds of your radio station. This is a super handy way to stay on top of the activity of your social team.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify feeds (for station podcasts) can be set on your member’s homepage, as well as in the settings page.

Hot-links to your station’s website and Instagram channel can only be set on the settings page.

To do this, click ‘Edit Settings’ below your name on your member’s homepage.

Radio Station Name

Simple, just enter the name of your radio station.

Radio Station Website

Please enter the full URL of your radio station’s website, including https://

Radio Station Twitter Handle

Enter the twitter handle for your radio station without the @ symbol.

Radio Station Facebook ID

Your radio station’s facebook ID is represented by xxxxxxxxxx in this example:

Only enter the ID (the characters after the forward-slash in the facebook URL).

Radio Station YouTube ID

YouTube can be complicated, depending on whether or not a vanity URL has been set for your radio station’s channel.

YouTube URLs present in one of two ways…

1 –


2 –

If your radio stations YouTube URL looks like example 2, copy the ID (which is everything after ‘’ (represented by the characters shown in bold in the example above, starting UC).

If your radio station’s YouTube URL has the station name in it, as in example 1 above, click one of the videos so it loads on a new page. Then look below the video to the radio stations name on the left. If you click it, the YouTube channel will load, but this time it will contain the YouTube ID as seen in example 2.

Radio Station Instagram

Enter the Instagram handle for your radio station without the @ symbol.

Spotify Podcast ID

Google the name of your radio station’s podcast + the word ‘Spotify’

From the google results, select your radio station’s podcast.

The Spotify page will open, with a URL that looks like this:

Enter the unique ID represented by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the example above.

That’s it! You’re set!

Any problems, please email us at